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EP 014: Stand and Deliver!

Jonathan discusses the official unveiling of Amazon’s followup to their Echo, what we know about (and hope for) Apple’s forthcoming Siri Speaker and this week’s…

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EP 013: Bringin’ Sexy Back

Jonathan discusses surprising consumer confidence in Samsung after the presales success of the Galaxy S8 -and the Galaxy Note will return?! Microsoft’s sexy Surface Laptop to…

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EP 010: Cyber Security / Parental Control

Apple release updated iPads and a new Red iPhone 7! Google’s ‘Uptime’ app allows users to watch You Tube videos together while apart. Hackers attempt…

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EP 009: It’s Switchmas!

Jonathan gives his impressions after a week with Nintendo Switch. Apple to introduce an iPhone ‘Edition’ model – but it has already been delayed. The…

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EP 007: Don’t Call It a Remake

Bronson Green joins Jonathan for this sequel to ‘Unnecessary Sequel (E003)’ and discusses Hollywood’s obsession with endless remakes, reboots and reimaginings of successful films and…

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EP 006: Rumour Roundup!

Next-Gen iPhone rumours abound!, Apple join Qi Wireless Power Consortium, Caavo’s streaming box to make TV a lot easier, Apple release ‘Planet of the Apps’…

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